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Local SEO Services

Local SEO will generate more traffic and sales from your local customers. Want to rank higher than your competition in Google? Good thinking!
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Get noticed in your local area fast

Local SEO is about putting your business in front of the right customers, at the right time. With so many local businesses competing on Google for traffic, sales and, attention, how do you set yourself apart? 
What makes your business better than your competitors?
How do you outperform other local businesses?
Are you ready to commit to a local SEO service?

Put your business on the map with local SEO

A successful local SEO strategy combines brand awareness, proximity (how close your business is to the customer), how popular your business is (think reviews) and, how well optimised your website. Google wants people to have the best possible experience, from local companies they can trust.
Free 15-minute call

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is how local customers find you and interact with your brand. It's also here where important information about your business is shown.

Local Reviews

How popular is your company in the local area? Do your customers love you? Does the local community support you? Reviews act as social proof to other potential customers.


Google understands how many people are engaging with your business. Whether that's asking for directions or traffic to your website, it all helps where you rank in Google.


Over 60% of searches are done on mobile, which means users are rarely at home when searching for a business or service. I'll help you optimise for these on-the-go moments.


Schema markup helps Google understand what your pages (or site) is about. The easier Google can understand, the better chances your business has of ranking better.

Traffic and Engagement

Google needs to see that people are regularly visiting your site and your Google My Business page. It's a signal that your company is trusted and serves a user's needs.
No knowledge? No problem.

I've helped countless businesses with local SEO services

SEO for local businesses can be hugely competitive, but, it's important to remember your business is an investment.
Case study: £0 to £40,000 per year 👉
Case study: £0 to £40,000 per year 👇
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"Working with Ryan has been fantastic for me and my business. He's extremely patient, professional and, most of all, he's completely committed to making my company a success.

I've been working with Ryan to generate more local customers. Thankfully, I've been fully booked this entire year without any stress or worry about where the work is coming from."

Choose a local SEO consultant you can trust

I've got years of experience, supported by hundreds of positive testimonials across the UK and USA. I invest huge amounts of time into making sure each person I work with, gets the results they need to make their business a success.

How much do your local SEO services cost?

My prices range from £1,000 per month up to £3,000 per month. I aim to keep my prices affordable, however, local SEO is an investment into the growth of your business!

Small local business

This is ideal for a small local business who wants to start bringing traffic (both online and into your store) through Google. We'll focus on your Google My Business, locations and, driving awareness to your brand.

Includes a call or meeting once a month.
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Growing business

Is your business already seeing organic success but you need that little bit extra? Maybe you need more leads or, maybe you're struggling with your competition outranking you.

We'll focus on key areas of growth and bring additional revenue into your business.
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Growing franchise

If you have more than a single location that needs a local SEO strategy; this is for you. Whether you're a restaurant, cleaner or, a plumber. I can help build awareness in multiple locations throughout the UK and US.

Includes 1-hour call bi-weekly.
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