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Peterborough SEO Consultant

You can turn your business into a lead-generating machine. If you run a local company in Peterborough and need SEO consultancy... you're in the right place. πŸš€
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Trusted by 100s of local businesses

I'm one of the most well-versed SEOs in Peterborough. I love shouting about it. I've helped Peterborough businesses grow their online brand through SEO services you won't find with another local consultancy or agency.


Designed for search

Each strategy I build is catered to you. It's taken years to perfect this process. Now you can drive more traffic and hold a better position in your industry.


Revenue marketing

Your bottom-line is important. It's great to have a social media following if it can increase conversion. All digital marketing services are built with that in mind.


Global SEO

I'm here to take you, a busy professional, into a new world of SEO services. You'll have a standard of marketing that doesn't rely on just search engines.


Optimised for sales

Struggling with conversions? It's all too familiar to me! I'll guide you through the SEO landscape and focus on where you can generate local-leads.

You're in control of your SEO success

What if I said I could give you the tools to grow your website into a powerhouse on Google?  I'll help you turn your website into a marketing machine. SEO (search engine optimisation) is about more than pleasing search engines. 

It's about creating an audience of people who love your brand.

Marketing to become a loved business in Peterborough

As an SEO consultant in Peterborough I make sure the experience I deliver is world-class; every time. No other SEO agency can offer you the results or services that I can. You'll get the same process and strategy that I used with global brands to drive thousands of visits every month to your website.

No single SEO campaign is the same. Every business deserves the best strategies for their industry.

A digital mind. A local SEO professional.

If you care more about revenue than you do about vanity keywords and rankings. You're the perfect fit for SEO. Let's grow your business in Peterborough.
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Content and search services for people (not algorithms)

My campaigns are driven by user experience. By offering services that make customers love you. Search is more than just content marketing or links; it's a journey.

Your website is the helping hand your clients need. Together we can build something organic, relevant and tailored.

Optimisation strategy for online campaigns

Peterborough is filled with beautiful places and innovative businesses. Through the use of user-centric marketing, you can build a business that cuts through the crowd.Β 

Create an SEO strategy built on giving what's best to your local customers. The only way you can continue to attract quality monthly leads is to make sure you're dominating your market.

Here's what else I can offer you!

  • SEO health check and SEO analysis
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword research
  • Google penalty removal
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Link building
  • White label SEO
  • Full marketing strategy
  • Marketing consultations
  • 6 or 12-month content strategy
  • Website design

Understand more about search engines

At the end of the day, Google is a company. Your website is one of billions that exist on the internet. Each website is compiled of content and links. Search engines are based on complicated algorithms that work differently for each niche. Google has never publicly told any SEO the secrets behind their ranking signals (I'm sure you can imagine why).

Over the years the online marketing industry (including social media) has changed dramatically.

Marketing is about experiences. It's about design. It's about promoting your business in an non-disruptive way. Your website should help users by giving them information about your products, services and, company.

Expertise, authority and trust

Google works in the same way a human might. When a website clearly shows why they're an expert, they'll be rewarded. When a site can prove their content can be trusted, and has been written by an authority, you'll rank better. Despite the algorithm becoming more advanced over the years, you can build all three of ranking factors through two simple steps.

Links. And content.

However, any SEO worth their salt has a tactical strategy in mind. It's not a shotgun approach. It's about data when you consider links. It's about finesse and creativity when you're planning content optimisation. Another key consideration to remember is that search engines rank pages; not sites.

This means your digital marketing should be focused on where you get wins.

Links are still very important.

How you purchase links can decide how an engine trusts your site. I work with a team of people who have years of experience building high-quality (and safe) links. Why are links so important? Well, how did you find this page? A link.

Links formulate something called a 'link graph'.

This link graph represents the total number of pages that a search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex) has managed to crawl and index to then rank in the search results.

Using white hat methods, I can help create an effective strategy to build authority to your domain.

What is a SEO consultant?

I wear many hats as an SEO consultant. It's my job to provide you with the guidance and data to make strategic decisions to benefit your business (and your organic rankings). I like to consider myself as part of your team. I can liaise with design teams, provide content briefs or present strategies to stakeholders. 

My job is to 'consult'. I'm your go-to guy for anything SEO-related. You're paying for my expertise and knowledge the intricacies of search.
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Where you can find me πŸ“

I work from home in Peterborough usually so I won't put my address on here. But you can send post to my business address.
Culley Court
Orton Southgate
Call me on 07590597742Β or email me on
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